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Offering Individualized Support Services in Saint Albans, VT since 2021

At Lunaway we understand that education is a necessary and important step toward gaining independence and an understanding of the world around us. We work to help students who struggle to access traditional forms of education make progress toward their goals.


We partner with local sending schools and agencies to get students where they need to be. Our team's flexibility and one-on-one availability allow us to meet the students where they are functioning. This is an approach that builds trust with our students, enabling them to develop skills, express themselves and feel comfortable working toward their own goals at a pace that works for them. 


In many cases, the best approach to a student’s success is one-on-one instruction (a.k.a. tutoring). This student-to-teacher ratio is key to our students’ success and enables them to respond to their individual needs while building a meaningful relationship that they may not find in other educational settings. This way, we help students discover the fun of learning!

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