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About Us

Flexibility–We work to meet our students where they are while helping them gain the knowledge, skills and awareness they need to succeed.


Hospitality–We know that creating an environment and interactions where our students feel comfortable to learn  is essential to their success. 


Trust–We build strong relationships  with our students that lead to the positive outcomes they need.


Patience–We believe in taking the time our students need to feel ready to engage in learning with us.

Our Values

Our Staff

Nicole Miur

Assistant Director of Individualized Services


Nicole is the Assistant Director of Individualized Services at LunaWay. She is the point of contact for community partners, guardians and students. Our students like her because she is patient and flexible. Our staff likes her because she is dedicated to helping both staff and students feel supported and cared for. 

Stacey Meunier

Education Specialist

Lauren Stegen

Education Specialist

Lauren is an Education Specialist. Her students like her because she is flexible, laidback, and dependable.

Dez Dutkiewicz

Education Specialist


Dez is an Education Specialist. Her students like her because she is very calm, empathetic, and open minded. She makes sure her students’ well-being is a priority and is flexible based on students' emotional states. She treats her students as humans first, learners second and gives academics based on a students pace. Dez likes to make her office feel welcoming and safe for all individual students in order for them to be successful or have an adult to go to.

Kyla Cook

Education Specialist


Jaime Galley


Dean Woodhouse-Weil


Dean is a psychotherapist working towards licensure as a psychologist in Vermont. Dean's clients like him because he's a great listener and doesn't judge. 

Taylor Meunier

Education Specialist

Taylor is an Education Specialist. Her students like her because she is relatable and meets students where they're at. 


Jamie Whitehead

Business Manager

You may be familiar with our sister organization, Brightality, that formerly offered one-on-one/tutoring services. Brightality school now operates on a highly-individualized, small group educational model, while LunaWay offers one-on-one/tutoring and other services.

LunaWay and BRIGHTality

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